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Save energy - this is today's number one priority, for most businesses and households. At Power Saving Services we specialise in the installation and commissioning of programmable geyser timers. The high cost of electricity is forcing us to adopt new energy consumption habits. We have to reduce our energy spending, not only because of exorbitant costs, but also due to the ever present danger of Load Shedding. If we dont start saving we will all pay in darkness.

There are several approaches which will help you save electricty.

Cutting the usage of high cost items is the first line of attack.

Geysers are the number one consumer of electricity, in most households. They can account for up to 43% of the electricity bill so they are obviously the main item to immediately focus on, when trying to save electricity.By installing a programmable geyser timer will see immediate results on your monthly electricity bill.

Besides saving energy a geyser timer will also help reduce the overall load on Eskom's electricity grid. That's why Eskom requests that home owners switch off their geysers during peak demand hours, as well as when going on holiday. Switching the geyser off and on manually is not  good practice because circuit breakers are not designed to be switched often. They will eventually break and they can be costly to replace.

Chances are that at some or other time you will forget to switch the geyser back on and will end up without hot water when you need it.

Pie Chart indicating electricity usage - 43% used for Water Heating

At Power Saving Services we install quality programmable geyser timers. We will also give you advice on further steps you can take, in order to save additional energy.

Most geysers are very well insulated so the water will cool down relatively slowly once heated. You will probably  not notice the slightly lower temperature of the water at the end of the day, provided it was heated fully before the geyser was switched off.

The rate of cooling can be decreased even further by installing a geyser blanket.

Solar Water Heaters - SWH systems will supply only a fraction of a household’s total warm water needs. These needs are usually complemented by gas or electric heating, on a daily basis

If you are considering installing solar water heating you should know that a timer will also be required in such a system. So why not buy your timer now and start saving immediately, even if you are planning to go the solar route? 

By installing a geyser timer you will see immediate savings on your monthly bill and a full return on your investment in only a few months. Start contributing today towards reducing your carbon footprint on our planet and save money in the process.

Usage Pie Chart

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to find out more about what we can do to help you save electricity.

R850 per installation

Timers are sold with a 1 year, limited warranty.

Onsite warranty - 3 Months thereafter there will be a R450 call out fee applicable

One Year Onsite Warranty -
Add R450 to total price.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy:
Immediate savings on your monthly bill
Return on investment in only a few months
Ensure geyser is off during peak periods
Switch geyser completely off while on holiday
Environmentally friendly
Fitted in distribution board or in cabinets
Suitable for homes, businesses or any geyser installations
Timer is easily overriden into manual mode
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